About RKF Shower Door, LLC

RKF Shower Door, LLC was incorporated in 1983 in Northern Virginia to supply and install quality Custom and Standard Shower Doors.

We offer full service, from measuring: shop drawings and expert installation and repairs. We are distributors: suppliers and installers of shower doors from Century BathWorks and frameless units from ABC Glass and C.R. Laurence. Whether you need a standard or custom size glass or a frameless glass shower door in your bathroom, you can count on RKF Shower Door, LLC for a beautifully designed enclosure.

We make it a point to use only the highest quality glass products and luxury hardware from trusted manufacturers. We also offer Diamon Fusion ®, a glass protecting coating with a lifetime warranty. We also carry many repair parts for shower doors and install them as well.

Installing a framed or frameless glass shower door enhances the beauty of your bathroom. It also adds value to your home. RKF Shower Door LLC offers a wide selection of glass options, glass styles, hardware and decorative finishes.

We look forward to helping with your project or contact us if we could answer any questions.




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